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June 23-26


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This is the ninth year Media Forum is organized as part of the Moscow International Film Festival. The role of new media in audiovisual art and culture received due recognition and Media Forum was immediately introduced into the official program of MIFF. The programme was started in 2000 at an initiative of Aleksei Isaev, a well-known Russian media artist, curator and theorist of the new media, who founded and directed the Moscow MediaArtLab Centre.
Media Forum as action is an exchange of ideas, infusion of new forces into contemporary culture and vice versa. It is an attempt to demonsrtate the logic of new thought and new communications. At the moment it is inside media culture that new ideas go through trial and approbation, ideas that cannot be realized in contemporary art context. 
Natalia Semina, MIFF General Director

Media Forum is one of the most youth-oriented programs at the Moscow International Film Festival. For nine years it has shown the audience a synthesis of cinema, video and new media. It introduces the Russian viewer to avant-garde art works from the oeuvre of artists and film directors who experiment with language and technology.

The existence of Media Forum at the MIFF is caused by an interest of both the audience at large and the professional community towards the new forms of screen culture and new digital technologies in film, television, video and Internet.

This year the world’s famous film director Peter Greenaway will appear as a media artist. He will present new interactive ways of communication with the public and share his vision of the visual culture’s future. And it goes without saying that this year as usual the Media Forum will attract both the sophisticated and innocent viewer by its special author’s program and introduce the new experiments in the field of new screen culture to the audience.
Petr Shchepotinnik, MIFF PR Director:

The very existence of the Media Forum program at the Moscow International Film Festival proves in a sense that Moscow festival organizers are generous and unbiased. After all the Media Forum participants as a rule are severely prejudiced against the 35mm film, narrative as such and think the very form of screening to be conservative and obsolete. It is a program of most free and radical artists from the field of visual moving arts. Like mediaeval alchemists they separate an image into components and enjoy the fact of watching this chemical process. However in this scientific laboratory of image many new visual ideas are born and these are picked up willingly by those in the cinema industry proper. So my advice to all MIFF guests is to visit this lab, especially as this year’s guest VIP magician is Peter Greenaway himself.

Olga Shishko, Media Forum Director:

The evolution of experimental film and video art manifests the "power of observation and imagination". Experimental artists remain aloof from the Hollywood film industry and give the audience a wider scope of view-points and perceptive positions. They ridicule the very idea of film-screening as a social ritual in order to create new emotional and psychological opportunities for film and video to influence the viewer.
With the focus of our attention on the synthesis of film and fine arts and the new ways of visual works creation, we organize the Moscow International Film Festival Media Forum program so that our viewers will interactively participate in the art work composition. This year program includes screening of the stars of the art-scene: Peter Greenaway, Bill Morrison and Ken Jacobs. The works presented in the competition program allow an adequate accession of the new opportunities provided by media technologies.
Peter Greenaway will present the Tulse Luper Suitcases multimedia performance. Rejecting the cinematic narrative the director creates multimedia installations, mysterial audiovisual shows and also demonstrates his mastery of the VJ craft. It is in this role that he will appear before the film festival's guests. 


This year’s Media Forum theme celebrates the fact of video going online — now and for good. In this context everyone becomes a user, whether it is a member of the audience, video maker, curator or art critic. A whole new world of new opportunities, tools and subjects opens now for video art. Media Forum invites you to discuss this by taking part in our competition programme and reminds you to ask yourself the question: would you prefer your work to be used or consumed?




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