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I Prize

Ilya Permyakov
Gazing (2007, Russia) - 4`17``

Born in Volgograd, the artist, poet and video director is currently living in Moscow. Has a PhD in philosophy. Since 2004 has curated the Videologia International festival for audio and visual arts, Volgograd. In 2005 organized the Restoration video installation as a member of the Videologia group - the documentaries of the Second world war were screened upon the facade of the Stalingrad battle panorama with live music played by a string quartet.

Being on-line, using the net and recovering its images is a constant of art, not merely an innovation of the digital media technology era. In Gazing the various forms of net-addictions are united, form the systems of inner and outer corporality to the fibers of language, interwoven into a poem.  Form rituals, creating an hierarchy and dividing roles to integrational audio visual images. The film adds a specially created net-montage to this set. Under sharply defined time-keeping each moving image finds the previous still, connects with it, annihilates it, but still dependent on it, is instantly interwoven into a new knot of meaning and gradually absorbed. 

II Prize

Galina Myznikova, Sergey Provorov / Provmyza
The Slippery Mountain (2006, Russia) - 6`00``

Since 1993 these Russian artists have realized many projects showing the broad scope of their interests and tendencies for creative experiment. These include more than 20 experimental films and video installations exhibited at various international festivals and exhibitions such as the Rotterdam film festival, Oberhausen, Clermont-Ferrand, Hamburg, Milano, Montréal, etc. Their works have received many awards and are included intovarious collections. In 2005 the Idiot Wind project has been presented at the 51st biennale in Venice.

The extreme Slippery mountain performance will remind the curious viewer both of the nightmare terrors, where one has climbed and slipped down a steep slope and of Sisyphus' mythical punishment. Actual art is just such a potentially useful work the results of which are useless in the structure of existing society and the work itself - endless. But, as Albert Camus said, struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. 

Jury Special Mention

Alexandra Dementieva
Chat (Belgium, 2006) - 6` 59``

Alexandra Dementieva’s main interest is application of social psychology and perception in multimedia interactive installations. Her video work integrates different elements, including behavioral psychology and developing narrative through a point of view of subjective camera.

Her interactive installation projects attempt to widen mind's perception possibilities by different production means: computers, video projections, use of sound bands, slides, photography, etc. By making certain historical, cultural and political allusions her exhibition sites create the frame within which the idea develops. The projects explore spectator’s depths of perceptional experience and interaction of an individual spectator with the exhibition proper, as well as with other visitors. The object of an installation or its production means become less important to her than the mind of a user. Thus the latter becomes the center of the project or the main actor of the performance.

'Chat' explores the condition where the borders between the real and imaginary lose their reason to exist. By its very nature digital technology offers the ideal entrance point to the in-between state. Film hero finds herself more and more surrounded by sound landscape that sweeps away everyday images and in the end replaces them.

Aldo Giannotti
A Rewinding Journey (2005, Italy/Austria) - 10`00``

Visual artist, lives and works in Vienna. Studies at the academy of fine arts in Carrara/Italy, Wimbledon/England and guest student in Munich/Germany. Various projects, single and group shows. Works with medias as installation, video, photography (shows i.e. at: artlab Galerie Hilder Wien, Kunstlerhaus Vienna, Kunsthalle Vienna, Sammlung Essl Vienna, Ortstermine 2006 Munich, Fruchthalle Kaiserslautern, Kunshallen Nikolaj Copenhagen). Organisation and realization of different exhibition projects.

The main character in Aldo Giannotti`s work «A rewinding journey» is an ambivalent astronaut. He is a futuristic symbol for technical development and humanities never-ending quest of conquering the unconquered and knowing the unknown. At the same time this astronaut is a little old-fashioned in his suit from the early days of space flights, reminding of the Sputnik-style of 1957. As if he had been forgotten up there for a long time and now returned to planet Earth studying mankind of today. He observes the city slickers and the rush of metropolis, wanders around in the industrial areas to find a mixture of technical innovation and environment pollution, till he rest in the unsorted calm of nature. On his journey he seems disconnected and communication whatsoever and is even moving in another time dimension as his surrounding. This time and space deformation and disconnection is underlined by electronic music, sounding like distorted overlays of fragments and splints.

Voids Foaming Ebb (2007, Austria) - 4`00``

Monochrom is an art-technology-philosophy group having its seat in Vienna and Zeta Draconis. Monochrom is an unpeculiar mixture of proto-aesthetic fringe work, pop attitude, subcultural science, context hacking and political activism. Our mission is conducted everywhere, but first and foremost inculture-archeological digs into the seats (and pockets) of ideology and entertainment. Monochrom has existed in this (and almost every other) form since 1993. Their video «Voids Foaming Ebb» is a short film about living and dead media.


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