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The Tulse Luper Suitcases - Multimedia performance by Peter Greenaway

This avant-garde film maker is famous for his works of great significance in the history of cinematography. The most renowned of them are The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, Drowning by Numbers,  Prospero's Books, The Pillow Book and The Nightwatching, the latter only recently shown in cinemas in Russia. Their story concentrates upon classic art and architecture images, including art critics’ concepts and film theory, uses Japanese calligraphy and multimedia technology to realize the multidimensional author’s message and is transformed in Greenaway’s oeuvre into an idea for a completely different way of creating art work. >>

Video Programme of Transmediale Media Festival, Germany

The Transmediale Berlin festival is a communication space for media artists, experimenters and all people interested in contemporary art. Here all forms of artistic activity are welcome, exhibitions and performances, conferences and art projects presentations are organized. >>

Ken Jacobs`s film programme and the Russian premiere of «Star Spangled To Death»

The American film artist and experimentalist, a partisan of para-cinematography, who rejects standard mainstream technology, Ken Jacobs is included by Whitney Museum in the list of 100 greatest artists of the XXth century. The Russian première of «Star Spangled To Death» at the Media Forum will show the film which Jacobs has worked upon for almost half a century, from 1957 to 2003. A tale of corrupt and dangerous America consists of found footage of film material, news, musicals, documentaries and animation. It combines all elements of the new absurd and limits- free cinema born in the 50s New York and acquires a really epic scope. >>

Bill Morrison, USA. The Retrospective

Critics cannot draw a line between elements of cinema and theatre in films о Bill Morrison, separate the magic show from early cinema art. Filmmaker is almost an archeologist researching and recovering form Time fragments of old, created in various formats and often anonymous films, to juxtapose them in an artistic collage. At the Festival the best works will be screened. >>

Evolution Haute Couture. Art and Science in the Post-biological Age

The National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad branch, Russia) and the “MediaArtLab” Center for Art and Culture (Moscow) presents in the framework of the IX MediaForum 2008 the collection of the videodocumentaries of the art projects which use high technologies of the XXI century as a medium of implementation – artificial life, robotics, bio- and genetic engineering and nanotechnology. >>

Konstantin Semin. Squatting Life

Amsterdam's squatting life, represented by Konstantin Semin's 16 color photos, leaves a complex impression: amazement, interest and even envy, envy-desire for this unbelievable interior Dutch-European freedom and the communal household life of the recent Soviet past. >>