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Winners 2007

I prize

Dmitry Bulnigin, Russia
Afterparty, 2007, 10’00’’

A relationship drama unfolds on screen — an open man-to-man talk. The reason behind this fight is a woman. The camera lays bare an anatomy of feelings and emotions of two close friends, who actually are not so close, as it turns out. Does art lie in these scenes and dialogue? Maybe the texture of material is what’s more artistic here, emotions caused by the authenticity of the shot and totality of its representation?

Dmitry Bulnigin (db). B. Novosibirsk. Graduated from Novosibirsk Architecture Institute, 1990. Video artist and VJ.

II prize

Galina Shevchenko, USA
In collaboration with Spencer Baker
Dancing with Mondrian, 2006, 4’44

Geometry and flesh, muscul curves and perfect rectangles clash and dissolve in this infinite tease. Echoes of modernity and traces of classical past coexist and feed each other with moves and volumes, lines and shadows, emotions and jestures.

Galina Shevchenko, 1972. Born in Moscow, lives and works in Chicago, USA since 1993. Artist, videomaker, VJ.

III prize

Amagiul Menlibaeva, Kazakhstan
The Steppen Baroque 2. Dedicated to my seven forefathers, 2003, 6’20’’

Following the Alma-Aty art scene founder Rustam Halfin the artist began to use the mythopoetic narration actively in her video works. “I represent the punkoromantic shamanism” — says Menlibaeva. — “The ancient traditions and mystic laws of Kazakh art are combined with free punk quest. The punks of course know about trans avant-garde but don’t want to join any trend, they use their own experience and do only what they want”.

Amagiul Menlibaeva, b. 1969 in Almaty.
Studied at the Almaty State Jhurgenev Theater and Art Institute. Exhibits since 1995. Lives and works in Almaty and Bishkek.

Jury special prize

Blue Noses Group (V. Myzin, A. Shaburov)
feat. Dasha Khlapova, Russia
Sex Art, 2006, 3’28’’

The grand cinema mercilessly exploits the attraction of the naked female body. The artists Myzin and Shaburov carry this to the point of absurdity with a particular cynicism.

Blue Noses Group (V. Myzin, A. Shaburov) are a narodnik project of Siberian artists V. Myzin and A. Shaburov. Their goal is to create populist contemporary art works that will be interesting not only to the “international context”, but to masses in general — from young pioneers to old—age pensioners. Based not on high technologies, but on most primitive moves, almost DIY—made.